ECCC 2017 - First day (photoshoot)

Hello there everybody!
Recently we visited the ECCC, or to be exact the Emerald City Comic Con 2017! And our minds were blown to smithereens! For us it was culture shock because to the comic cons that we have visited...sorry, i forgot to mention, in Moscow, are just not on that level! 
Games, comics, books, goods and clothing! you name it! so much to see and....BUY!! Really just wanted to go on a shopping frenzy and get all the cool stuff! Strolled thru tons of comics and books, talked to different designers and artists, It was good. For a short while...
Because we were there only for the Thursday event. All tickets for the next three days were SOLD OUT! Now we have to wait for next year, or maybe just head out to San Diego Comic Con and chill for the weekend! Sounds like a plan!
But in the meanwhile. We are cooking up a new episode about the ECCC 2017. So Stay Tuned to Bro Trails!